Inspired by cinema and golden light, my goal when creating images is to capture that "fine sweet spot" that the world has made us forget between childhood and adulthood when inhibitions felt free. I envision you as star-crossed lovers in the lead of your own romantic film whether it's your wedding day, adventure elopement or portrait session in a sun-kissed forest or hazy amber sunset on top of the Rocky Mountains. 

That sweet spot that the world has made us forget.

Modern Love

Isn't this the life?

Rocky mountain
lovers & dreamy adventures.

"Liz is the absolute best photographer I’ve ever worked with! She delivered an amazing wedding day experience for me. Her vision and creativity captured our beautiful love story in photographs. I will always cherish these photos. When I look at these photos I still can’t believe they are mine! She worked so hard to get the perfect photos of us and I will never be able to thank her enough! 

Grand Teton
Intimate Wedding

Five star reviews