As a true 90's kid through and through, I was deeply impacted by cinema and it's vivid pop culture. I can tell you exactly where I was sitting in the theater when I watched Titanic on opening weekend in 1997 and how it forever changed my view on romance, cinema and story telling. I even have a Titanic tattoo on my wrist ("make it count") and have appeared on a Titanic podcast because it's such a fond childhood love. And how my uncle's wedding in Mexico at 5 years old, I commandeered our VHS camcorder, too big for my little shoulders to set on, as my own and would continue to create with a video camera until I turned 15 and began taking self-portraits. It was then in 2005, photos inadvertently became a part of the tapestry of my life.

My love for cinema, romance and light drive that home.

"Make it count..."

About me

EMOTIONAL connection

My Approach

Little moments matter. I like to direct and pose but still ensure I’m letting real moments happen to you. I love watching other humans connect at each different wedding and hope to make you comfortable as I capture that your day candidly & I value couple portrait time so much - this is after all the only time you two will get together during the wedding and I want to make sure it’s intimate and stress-free. I’m emotionally invested in your day and I’m the first to cry to a father-daughter dance. I'm also determined to make sure I capture the faces of your loved ones often for your keepsake and memories.

» my favorite food at a wedding is mashed potatoes & a cold coca-cola (lots of carbs for energy).
» I flew to England to see two Spice Girls reunion shows in 2019. Spice girl for life.
» My mom is from Mexico and my dad was from Germany. I'm Ger-mexican!
» My middle name is actually Liz which I've been called all my life.
» I've been to Iceland 6 times and wish to visit more because it's truly
my happy place (so you should totally elope there).

When I was 17, Jarret, now my husband, would leave me love notes taped to my window to wake up to in the mornings. Each letter would be damp with morning dew (still can't forget that smell) and be filled with words I could only dream of. It's been a long courtship of being partners in crime and August 2020, we finally got married in our mini covid friendly ceremony and had our postponed wedding in July 2021 in our beloved Snowy Range Mountains, WY. Our pets, Georgie the mini doxie and cats, Binx and Sushi, rule the home and steal our hearts. After living in Wyoming all our lives, we have loved finally moving the 45 min drive over the state line and living in Fort Collins, Colorado in June 2020. This March 2023, marks 15 years together!

View our wedding day film here!

Fun facts about me:

my ride or die


What are your favorite wedding venues?
I have so many but ones I know I'll get some of my favorite images at are Lioncrest Manor in Lyons, CO, Lionsgate Event Center outside Denver, Lyons Farmette, Della Terra in Estes Park, Camp Hale in Vail and Bentwood Inn and Turpin Meadow Ranch in Jacksonhole.

What's your favorite type of day to shoot?
Honestly, anything with great end of the day light. But I really love a creative couple who embraces emotion and being present! 

What's your dream location to shoot at?
I have so many! any Nordic country, France, Venice, Lake Como, Nova Scotia, New Zealand, Ireland, London, Cuba and Amsterdam! 

How long have you been photographing?
17 years as a hobby, 14 years as a profession and 8 years as my full time job! I photographed my first wedding at 19 years old.

Can I shadow you at a shoot or wedding?
I love that you want to learn! I like to protect the space my couples are in and keep it intimate and I don't have plans to mentor but hope to one day offer video courses!

Commonly asked questions